Watch this short video about our Buy-Back Program!

The Schiefelbein buy-back program has been a part of our commitment to the customer for the last 25 years. In that time, we have purchased hundreds of thousands of head of customer calves and bid on countless others. The basic premise for our buy-back is that if we are going to advertise the best bulls we better put our money where our mouth is and back it up. Over the years, our program has evolved to where now we will bid at the sale barn, bid online, and bid right off of the farm. If you are looking for great bulls and one more buyer on sale day, give Tim Schiefelbein a call at (320)-224-5830 and let him put his 25 years of buying experience to work for you.

Schiefelbein on Superior

In our ongoing pursuit of giving the best service to our customers, we have recently started a new marketing method. Travis Schiefelbein has spent 3 years now as a representative for Superior Livestock Auction. The goal is to give Schiefelbein genetics the widest platform to sell on. You can choose to sell on video auction or on the country page knowing that you not only have the Schiefelbein bid backing your calves but hundreds of bidders throughout the country. This service is also provided at a discount rate for Schiefelbein customers. So grab your phones and call Travis Schiefelbein (320)-455-2220 for more information about selling your calves on Superior Livestock Auction the Schiefelbein way.