The most successful businesses have searched far and wide to find the best executives to run their company. Your genetic program shouldn’t be any different, may I introduce Schiefelbein Executive 1423 – the $420,000 top selling bull from our 2024 sale. Executive is a herd sire prospect that will certainly command your attention as he struts through the pen. He is a fancy profiling bull that has a long, clean front end with great neck extension along with tremendous herd bull presence. Executive is an easy-going bull that is extremely long bodied. He’s a level topped bull with a boatload of rib, thickness and depth. Executive’s impressive wide hip and thick hindquarter compliment his soundness of his feet and legs. 

This outcross sire is a good-looking fella that has an elite EPD profile. He ranks in the top 30% in 9 out of the 12 major traits. He ranks in the top 1% for RE and $C, top 2% for YW, top 3% for WW and top 15% for HP, marbling and $M. Plus, check out his foot scores; his claw ranks in top 15% and his angle in the top 1%. 

Executive has the makings of a game changing bull in the Angus breed. From his flawless looks to his impressive EPDs, Executive is in charge.

For semen, contact North American Breeders – (402) 801-1420

registration #20795583