Schiefelbein Skol 6786, a son of Renown, is a breed leader for growth and was our top selling bull in 2017 selling for $55,000. He is starting to make a name for himself with the consistency he passes on to his offspring. His growth EPDs rank in the top 1% for WW and YW and top 2% for REA. He sires calves that work well in the western range because they are thick, deep and easy fleshing. SKOL will sire market topping calves that push down the scales.

His dam, Frosty Elba 1543, is one of our top donors and has produced over $150,000 in progeny sales. Her EPDs rank in the top 25% on 8 of the 12 major traits. She was a top selling, elite bred heifer sold in our 2015 sale. After seeing her genetic results, we took the opportunity to buy her back. You can see the impact she has had in this year’s sale offering alone.

He is owned with ST Genetics Brazil and Keckler Angus

For semen, contact Schiefelbein Farms

registration #18599768