Gable is one of the most genetically impressive bulls in the breed that excels in every trait including looks. He was the $90,000 Sale feature from the 2022 Schiefelbein Farms Sale selling to Peak Dot Ranch. Following the Schiefelbein sale Gable headed north to Canada where he froze semen right away and was well received with semen selling for $1000 a dose. Just recently Peak Dot sold the semen rights in Canada on Gable for $121,500 in their fall sale.

Now we are excited to announce Gable semen is available in the USA. Semen is priced at $50 a straw and $50 a certificate. We do have a pretty good size bank of semen on him but orders are coming in fast. To ensure you get yours call Peak Dot Ranch at 306-266-4414 or email

registration #20202351