Introducing ‘Schiefelbein Gable 311’ the $90,000 sale feature from the 2022 sale selling to Peak Dot Ranch. Gable 311 is a true breeders bull with a flawless EPD package, stunning looks and an outcross pedigree. As we enter the stage of the cattle cycle where retaining females is a must Gable 311 is the best option for doing such a thing. His Heifer Pregnancy rank is in the very top 1% of the breed. He ranks in the top 30% for 12 of the 13 major traits including top 1% for WW, YW, HP, DOC & $M. Combine that with double digit calving ease and a light birth weight along with a $C in the top 2% of the breed. Gable 311 is a big scrotal bull with a nice look and loads of rib, great hip and a big thick butt. 

His dam Frosty Elba Lizzy 5569 boosts outstanding EPDs and is quickly climbing the ranks in the Schiefelbein herd. Her EPDs rank in the top 1% for WW, YW and $W, top 3% for HP & DOC, top 4% for $M and CEM and top 10% for RE and $C. 

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registration #20202351