The Schiefelbein cow herd was started in 1955 and since the original purchase has remained a closed herd. Big Frank decided to use Angus genetics early on simply because "it tasted the best".  Soon, he learned that taste was not the only factor and he set out to increase growth, calving ease, as well as searching for the ultimate steak. From that point, he began to improve the herd in anyway he could. He was quick to set up an AI program and one of the first users of embryo transfer. We at Schiefelbein Farms have continued in Big Frank's path using the latest embryo technology, genetically tested EPDs, and a keen eye to create the herd we have today. Dan individual matches each cow to maximize growth, carcass, phenotypic, and maternal traits to create one of most well rounded Angus herds in the country. Not to be forgotten is a robust SimAngus program helmed by Frank IV where he attempts to mix the best of both breeds to give even more options to the Schiefelbein Customer .