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Sells as Lot 354
Frosty Elba Lizzy 2226

Sells as Lot 355
Frosty Elba 6456

Sells as Lot 356

Frosty Elba 3916
Attention Juniors!
Offering Three Handpicked Halter-broke Show Heifers

These three hand-picked heifers were selected among the more 300 Angus
heifers produced at Schiefelbein Farms. That’s right! We asked Chris
Polzin to sort through and select three super elite females that have both the
genetics to win in your pasture as well as in the show ring. Our new junior
incentive program allows young breeders to purchase the best genetics in the
Angus breed today and have an opportunity to get a tremendous return on
their efforts. Just look to the right in the blue ribbon to see the incentives the we
are offering if you choose to buy one of the three heifers being offered.