Introducing the Elba Lizzy cow family
Elba Lizzy 525 is the most powerful and impressive female ever produced on our farm. Her moderate size yet impressive phenotype combined with a production record that speaks for itself convinced us to mass produce progeny of this unique cow. Her fleshing ability and outstanding maternal characteristics carry through to all her progeny. The Elba Lizzy family has sold over $300,000 of progeny. Let's meet the family...........
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Elba Lizzy 525 the matriarch of the Elba Lizzy cow family.


Elba Lizzy 4289 a daughter of Elba Lizzy 953.

Elba Lizzy 1106 donor cow co-owned with Blackhawk Cattle Co.

Elba Lizzy 3979 the $20,000 donor cow owned with Trowbridge Angus.