Customer Buy-Back Program

    Schiefelbein Farms stands behind the product we sell by actively purchasing calves sired by our bulls.  This makes Schiefelbein sired calves worth more and insures you are purchasing high quality bulls.  Each year we purchase over 10 million dollars worth of Schiefelbein sired cattle.

   The Schiefelbein buy-back program was started in 1996 to help our bull customers market their high quality Schiefelbein sired cattle. After talking to many cow-calf producers it was obvious marketing was one area where ranchers appreciated help. The program has grown larger than we ever imagined as nearly one full-time person from Schiefelbein Farms works our customers marketing cattle.

   From the start of the buy-back program we wanted flexible marketing alternatives for our bull customers. Whether our customers want to sell their cattle at the auction barn, on the video, or direct off the ranch, our goal is to help them get top dollar. This flexibility played a big role in this years' calf marketing because many customers wanted to sell early to lock in prices much higher than last year. Although buying from the auction barns is the easiest way to buy, we do not dictate any method of how our customers sell because nobody knows what the market will do. Already this year we have purchased over 10,000 calves (10,220 to be exact). We still will have plenty of buying power for those that have not sold yet so you can count on us to help in the barns as usual this Fall. The buy-back program has been a big undertaking, but we feel this added service, along with the best genetics in the industry, will keep our customers happy and loyal to our program. Thanks for the confidence you have had in the Schiefelbein program! See ya this Fall.