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2009 Faith Bull Sale Report...

When:         Saturday, March 21

Where:         Faith Livestock (Faith, SD)

Sale Summary:
12 Balancer Bulls Avg.   $3,333
186 Angus Bulls Avg.    $3,503
198 Total Bulls Avg.   $3,493

High Selling Lots:
Lot 1, Frank Objective 1198, a 2/25/08 bull by SS Objective T510 0T26 sold to Angus Genetics, Kaluga, Russia for $7,000.

Lot 130, Frank Lead On 1428, a 2/27/08 bull by Connealy Lead On sold to Jason Grubl, Red Owl, SD for $7,000.


Lot 74, Frank Dimension 1478, a 2/27/08 bull sired by OCC Magnitude 805M sold to Austin Ranch, White Owl, SD for $6,500.


Lot 77, Schiefelbein Alliance 868, a 2/22/08 bull sired by Sitz Alliance 6595 sold to Richard Wyman, Columbus, NE for $6,250.


Lot 29, Frank In Focus 1388, a 2/26/08 bull by Mytty In Focus sold to Entze Bros., Golden Valley, ND for $6,000.


The top selling Balancer bull was lot 121, Black Balancer H258, a 2/8/08 bull by GW Lucky Man 644M and sold to Armon Zens, Redfield, SD for $5,250