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2008 You Buy, We Bid Sale Result...
Sale Average:      216 yrlg bulls average $3548
What:                 You Buy, We Bid Angus Bull Sale
Where:                Faith Livestock Commission Co. - Faith, SD
When:                 Saturday, March 15, 2008 @ 1:00 pm
Sale Summary:

    Schiefelbein Farms held their 17th Annual bull sale at Faith Livestock in Faith, SD. It was a very nice day to look at bulls and a record number of commercial cattlemen made the trip to view the Schiefelbein bulls. It was the largest number of Schiefelbein bulls hauled to South Dakota from Minnesota, 216 bulls to be exact. All the bulls were sold and they averaged $3543/head, which is a testimony of the loyalty shown by Schiefelbein customers. Schiefelbein Farms back up their bull genetics with an aggressive buyback program. They actively bid on Schiefelbein sired calves, thus giving their customers a premium price for their calves. They also provide feedlot closeouts and other valuable information to their customers, a first rate customer service operation.

    Of the 216 bulls sold, 196 of these bulls were Black Angus and they averaged $3478/head. These were easy keeping bulls that had an excellent set of feet and legs. They had an extremely balanced set of EPD’s, right across the board. Due to the buyback program, carcass traits are very important genetic component for the Schiefelbein bulls, it was very evident in the high IMF’s along with some of the biggest ribeyes offered in the country. The top selling Angus bull was a 6i6 son that was purchased by longtime customer Denny Ansley from Lemoyne, NE. This high powered 6i6 son brought $6500. Kevin Keckler from Eagle Butte, SD took home two big bodied Objective sons, he paid $6000 for the Lot 2 bull. The Entze brothers from Golden Valley, ND took home several Schiefelbein bulls. They paid $6000 for a fancy looking Midland son. Denny Topf from Charter Oak, Iowa purchased Lot 199, a Traveler OO4 son for $6000. Another repeat customer, Darren Young from Pierz, MN paid $5750 for a high IMF, Future Direction son. Schiefelbein Balancer bulls were a big highlight of the sale.

    This year, Schiefelbein Farms used embryo transfer to make this set of big volumed, muscular Balancers. They sold 20 Black Balancers for an average price of $4175/head. Randy Martinmaas from Orient, SD paid $6500 for a Lucky Man son that was out of a Sitz Alliance 6595 dam. Other volume buyers who took home tons of Schiefelbein farm genetics were Jim Scott from Pryor, Montanta; Equus Farms from ranch locations in Colorado and Wyoming; Curt Randall from Broadus, Montanta; and Waggoner Ranch from Vernon, Texas. This sale turned out to be one of the strongest sales in the country, not one bull went under $2000. From Lot 1 to Lot 216, it was obvious that this sale was designed and supported by the true commercial cattlemen.