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2004 Bull Sale Results

Schiefelbein Farms held their 13th annual bull sale on a sunny day in Faith, South Dakota. 118 Schiefelbein-raised Angus and Black Balancer bulls made the long journey from the Minnesota-based seedstock operation to Faith, South Dakota. A large crowd of some of the most elite, well-respected commercial cattlemen purchased the largest offering of Schiefelbein bulls ever offered in South Dakota. The crowd was very impressed with the heartiness and disposition of these Schiefelbein raised bulls as well as the quality offered from start to finish.

The Schiefelbein’s focus their attention on genetics that excel from conception to consumption. Their main goal is to produce functional and durable cattle that perform well out in the pasture, in the feedyard, and on the rail. The Schiefelbein buy-back program not only shows what confidence they have in their genetics, but it is also a big attraction towards the Schiefelbein program. When customers buy Schiefelbein bulls, the Schiefelbein’s in return bid or purchase calves sired by the Schiefelbein genetics. So with the combination of the buy-back program, over 45 years of producing top-notch genetics, and great customer service from a quality family, Schiefelbein Farms were rewarded with their best sale ever.

The high selling bull was a stout, strong carcass oriented, T510 son that was purchased by the Entze brothers, a large commercial operation from Golden Valley, ND for $6,250. The Entze’s also purchased another high IMF measured, Schiefelbein Streamline son for $4,750. The second high selling bull was a big, growthy Schiefelbein Hilton son out of an EXT dam. This big bodied bull was purchased by Bernie Beer from Faith, SD for $5,000. The high selling Black Balancer bull was a Simmental X Angus cross purchased by Tom Olson from Williams, MN for $3,000.

The Scott Ranch, a large commercial operation from Pryor, Montana was the volume buyer purchasing 12 Schiefelbein bulls. Another volume buyer, as well as first time buyer was the well-known, Waggoner Estate Ranch from Vernon, Texas. They purchased 8 high quality bulls for over $4,300 per head including five ET Sitz Alliance, flush brothers out of the powerful cow, Schiefelbein Lizzy 525.

Other volume buyers included Eddie Heeb from Midland, SD purchasing six bulls. Cobb Cattle Company - Red Owl, SD, Hemmenway Farms Inc. - Clearwater, NE, Dee King - Howes, SD, Equus Farms - Kersey, CO, and David Kennedy - Faith, SD all purchased four Schiefelbein bulls.

In all, Schiefelbein Farms sold all 118 bulls in 90 minutes to over fifty customers in nine states.