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2003 Bull Sale Results

Despite extremely dry conditions, local cattle producers and loyal customers showed their support and packed the seats on March 15 for Schiefelbein Farms’ 12th annual bull sale in Faith, South Dakota. The Schiefelbeins' unique calf buy-back program and strong customer service have earned Frank Schiefelbein and his family a special place in the Faith community. Based on the strong repeat business and the impressive list of new customers, it was evident that the Schiefelbeins’ "You Buy, We Bid" slogan is a reality for those who purchase Schiefelbein genetics. Schiefelbein Farms doesn’t just sell bulls. Each year, they ensure their customers' success by actively purchasing calves sired by Schiefelbein bulls. Each time customers have calves for sale, Schiefelbein Farms is in the seats or on the phone: protecting, bidding or buying their customer’s calves – helping them bring top dollar. As a special tribute, this year’s sale was dedicated to the memory of long-time customer and friend Willis Mann, with a heart-felt memorial read by Frosty Schiefelbein.

The power of the Schiefelbein program was evident from start to finish as all 100 bulls offered sold to an enthusiastic crowd in less than 60 minutes. Clay Farlee of Dupree purchased 3162, the top selling bull at $5000. This SAF Focus son boasted a 1329 lb. adjusted yearling weight in a thick and muscular package. Erdean Olsen of Rocky Ponderosa added to his Schiefelbein bull battery by purchasing Lot 422 for $4200, another Focus son with exceptional EPDs. The Koskan family has seen first-hand the benefit of the Schiefelbein buy-back program by watching their feedyard and carcass genetics improve dramatically over the years. They showed their commitment to the Schiefelbein program by taking home eight top-end Angus and Balancer bulls to their Wood, SD ranch. Another repeat and volume buyer was Doug Gorman of Madras, Oregon, who purchased five knock-out Angus bulls for his successful seedstock program.

The quality and depth of the Schiefelbein bulls was reflected in the quality and depth of the commercial cattle producers that made purchases. These leading commercial cattle producers purchased bulls for $3000 or more: Larry Heath – Martin, SD; Dicke Ranch – Creston, NE; Elizabeth Jones – Faith, SD; Rick & Keith Farlee – Lantry, SD; Tim Burney – Brownlee, NE; Willard Vinton – Whitman, NE; Wayne Nelson – Buffalo, SD; Harlan Smith – Harrold, SD; Ken Kohlof – Cairo, NE; Ronnie Wetz – Red Owl; Mrs. Willis Mann – Sturgis, SD; Gale Bruns – New Underwood, SD; Lutz, Inc. – Faith, SD; Entze Brothers – Golden Valley, ND; David Radaich – Goodland, MN; Tim Vig – Mud Butte, SD; Marshall Goddard – Prairie City, SD; De King – Howes, SD; Darrel Peterson – Philip, SD; Rick Holder – Gould, OK; Denny Ansley – Lemoyne, NE; Brad Bartlett – Gould, OK; Bezner Beef – Texline, TX.

When the final gavel fell, all 100 outstanding Angus & Balancer bulls had been sold to 50 different buyers from 10 different states, averaging $2810 on the offering